I can barely believe that tomorrow will be June 1st.  I can still remember celebrating New Years Eve's.  Time seems to be flying by and I have so much that I want to get done.  Setting new priorities so the last half of the year seems more worthwhile.
Found a wonderful quote this past weekend that I intend to follow
" If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author and everyday you have the opportunity to write a new page…Mark Houlahan


Over the years I have made several friends who live in states where the tornadoes and flooding have ruined lives for far too many.  We all need to help if just with prayers, moral support or helping one special family that you might know.  Sitting here in the comfort of home in California makes me feel uneasy, as I am sure we all tend to watch television and then do nothing.  I have a theory, we are all connected by six degrees of separation, so we should help in our own way
A question for all of us to think about.
From Love Story..."Never having to say your sorry."....but I think we all see love in many ways and sharing them only makes us see the different kinds of love and that the word love has more than one meaning....thoughts everyone
In trying to think of ways to make this site better for all of us, a friend wanted to make a suggestion of a charity that helps women.  The only way for the moment I could figure out how to do it was starting this blog.  I am still learning how to make my little website and blogs more interesting....so bear with me.
So everyone please add your comments about charities that are important to you and if you have a link include it so everyone can help.  Thanks

It takes something like the earthquake and tsunami In Japan today to realize that we can never be totally prepared for events beyond our control.  I have experienced two major earthquakes in California and a fire on a boat in the Nile River that ended up with Jack having parasites from being in the Nile River.  I was too stubborn to get them even though I swam to the shore as did most others on the boat.   All I can say is reach out and help others who are facing an emergency whenever you can whether it be with moral support, financial support or a helping hand.  It is appreciated beyond words!!
This morning I decided to follow a rule I have recently learned.  To keep my brain functioning and growing, get up and don't do the same routine in the same order as I get ready for the day.  It stimulates the brain as if we do everything in the same order the brain goes into rote speed and it isn't challenged, so I have challenged my brain and myself.


    I am a very happily married woman who wants to connect with my friends so we can all help each other.
    I would hope we can all make this world a better place together.


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